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A Family Timeline

1889 - Daughter Marion ("Minnie") marries the local blacksmith, thirty year old James Sproat Henery. She soon delivers the first of eight children, only five of whom survive - not unusual numbers in that period of time.

1896 - Peter Jr. marries Mary Celia ("Minnie") Dixon, daughter of one of the original settlers. He is thirty, she is twenty four. They will have five children.

1897 - John Walker, Peter Sr.'s youngest son, died suddenly, at age twenty nine. John was a medical student in Minneapolis and the family legend was "a wrestling accident."

1898 - Peter Sr. is elected chairman of the Township Officers. Vienna is part of Pleasant Township, the total population of which is less than 500.

1899 - Peter Jr. and Mary Celia obtain 160 acres of land adjacent to Peter Sr.'s original farm.

1900 - Federal Census shows Peter Sr. and Peter Jr. farming their respective lands.

1905 - South Dakota Census shows Peter Sr. on his original farm. Peter Jr. has moved his family (now with three daughters) to the Dixon lands, just east of Vienna. He is still listed as "farmer" and is probably living in the house where my father will be born. He is next door to his father-in-law, Robert Arthur Dixon, and two brothers-in-law.

1908 - Elizabeth (Walker) McLaren, Peter Sr.'s wife, dies.

1910 - Federal Census shows Peter Sr., now widowed, living in Vienna with his granddaughter Pearl Irene Henery and a great grandson. Peter Jr. is still on the Dixon land and is now a "rural mail" delivery man for the U.S. Postal Service.

1913 - Peter Sr. dies. He is buried next to his wife and son in the Dixon Cemetery, at the northeast corner of the Dixon lands.

1917 - Peter Jr.'s father-in-law, Robert Arthur Dixon, dies.

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