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Each sentence below has a link to one of the stories or interesting tidbits that surfaced as I researched the McLaren Migration. It's a long list, keep scrolling down..

How we learned to print the MLaren surname.

A visit to the Lanark Village Cemetery.

We need to know something about Consanguineous Relationships.

Here is an opportunity to remember Elsie McLaren.

Why aren't these people smiling? A story about Early Photographs.

Here is an example of the Importance of Music to the McLarens.

When speaking in Lanark or Vienna - a Pronunciation Guide.

Our ancestors lived in Very Small Houses.

A story of drinking in Lanark, and the McLaren Distillery.

Looking at pictures of my father, why is he wearing dresses?

Something to think about:  If great grandpa were a better shot.

Under the heading "times have changed," check the South Dakota census cards.

A reason to abandon ancestor research in Scotland

Searching for pictures of Vienna McLarens leads to a Photo Ephiphany.  (This is an Adobe PDF® file; use your back button to return.)

A visit to Vienna, South Dakota in 2003 led to a rediscovery of the McLaren Home.  (This is an Adobe PDF® file; use your back button to return.)

Searching for the Winchester's final rest led me to Angeles Abbey.  (This is an Adobe PDF® file; use your back button to return.)

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